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Giglio Island

A mythical aura has long lurking on the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago, which the legend wants to have been born from the waters when Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of beauty and love (later identified with the Roman Venus, to which all the myths were attributed , The virtues-a few- and the-Aphrodite’s love-came to the world. The goddess therefore would be born, as Hesiod (as opposed to Homer himself) from the foam (afros) of the sea, is already emerging as a woman. And that’s what he was also called Anadyomene, that is, the one who comes out of the sea.

In the grip of the shore (where Eros was no less morigerated), he tried to tie up, with his numbing hands, the necklace that Paride had given her. The wire broke and the pearls fell: seven slid into the Tyrrhenian Sea, just in front of the Tuscan coasts, but instead of sinking into the abyss they stopped on the surface between Italy and Corsica, set in the blue of the Tyrrhenian High, to which it Crowning a myriad of islets and rocks.

Elba, Giglio, Capraia, Montecristo, Pianosa, Giannutri and Gorgona, with its numerous small islets, emerged from the foam of the waves, an extraordinary mosaic of beautiful natural scenery, strictly protected.

An “abnormal” archipelago, because every island is a world of its own, with its character, its morphology and its history, even though since 1996 a National Park has united them all under the sign of the protection and safeguard of the natural world .

Noleggio Trimarano Isola del Giglio- Cartina Giglio - Vela Giglio Campese - Isola del Giglio - Trimarano Giglio Porto

Cala Dell’Allume


Cala del Corvo


Scoglio di Pietrabona


Punta Capel Rosso


Cala delle Caldane


Cala delle Cannelle




Cala Calbugina


Punta del Fenaio






Noleggio Trimarano Isola del Giglio - Vela Giglio Campese - Isola del Giglio - Trimarano Giglio Porto - Gita faraglione

Trimarano a vela Nidia

Excursions with Driver

Trimaran mod. Magnum 21 Sport designed and built in France by VirusBoat

  • Trips are made undercoast “ Giglio Island “
  • A single trip lasts 4 hours (from the moment of the embarkation to the moment of the landing)
  • Morning trip: 9,30 – 13,30 (maximum 4 persons – prices per person/child)
  • Afternoon : 14,30 – 18,30 (maximum 4 persons – prices per person /child)
  • Bows locker to keep personal effects / snorkeling equipment / food
  • Ice box on board with mineral natural water / sparkling water included
  • Children : from 6 years old (minimum age for embarkation)
  • Sail school: private lessons and group lessons
  • Sunset’s happy hour on board
  • Music on bord

Technical characteristics:

  • Lenght: 6,28 meters

  • Width: 4,80 meters

  • Dry Weight: 280 Kg

  • Maximum Load: 500 Kg

  • Category of the boat: C

  • Certification: EC: A bis

  • Mainsail: 17 squared meters

  • Jib: 6 squared meter


Have Fun with Us!!!

Sailing dinghy and Catamaran

Have fun with us this year !!!
You can try the adrenaline of sports sailing, and you can also do sailing school for children and adults !!!

New Cat F1 technical sheet:

  • Length: 4.2 meters
  • Width: 2,2 mt
  • Mainsail: 10 sqm
  • Flake: 3 square meters
  • Trapezoids: 1 pair
  • Crew: 2 people (children / adults)

Deriva Topaz technical sheet:

  • Length: 3.86 meters
  • Width: 1.45 mt
  • Mainsail: 7.39 sqm
  • Flake: 1.75 square meters
  • Crew: 1 or 2 people (children / adults)

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